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Dade Moeller Training Academy Online provides high quality radiation safety training for those who want the best understanding and assurance of radiation safety. We offer 32 classroom training courses and 28 online training courses. We provide consulting services encompassing radiation safety program audits, license application preparation, radiation surveys, decontamination and decommissioning, emergency response, and x-ray machine inspection. Other services provided include analytical laboratory, instrument calibration, and external dose monitoring services.

Dade Moeller Training Academy Online courses are designed to meet all Federal and State radiation safety regulations and training requirements, including those of

Our online courses are the most effective and cost efficient way to meet regulatory training requirements for radiation safety. Each course consists of 1 or more modules that may be completed at your convenience. You may take the entire course in 1 sitting or complete the entire course over time in multiple sittings. At the end of the course, you may print out the course certificate with a successful completion of 70% or greater. These courses are easily accessible, self-paced, up to 60% less time consuming than classroom courses, and have precise tracking and measurability of results.

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Do you have employees who need radiation safety training in Spanish? Here is the solution... For Español: Los Cursos en Línea en Español.

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